Parenting Well Podcast

#19 Minimize Power Struggles, Promote Critical Thinking & Improve Communication with Your Child

January 26, 2021

Welcome to the Parenting Well podcast with Parent Engagement Network!  I am Dr. Shelly Mahon, your host. And today, you are listening to Parenting Well, where we know that parenting well is challenging and that all parents are the best parents they know how to be. The foundation for raising happy, healthy youth is for us as parents to fill our own well with useful, reliable, credible information, tools and strategies. This leaves us more engaged, educated and empowered to support our children in being strong, resourceful, confident and resilient in the face of life’s many challenges and adventures.

So, let’s fill that well!

Today’s well source is Karen Alonge. Karen is an Interpersonal Communication Consultant. She has been providing interpersonal and parenting consulting to volunteers, staff, management in education, social services, corrections, counseling, law, health care, and non-profits like PEN since 2006. Karen uses an evidence-based strategy called motivational interviewing to help her clients “choose their words wisely”

This podcast covers how to:

  • use motivational interviewing techniques in your communication.
  • recognize typical communication breakdowns.
  • set age appropriate expectations.
  • reduce power struggles in your relationship.
  • use communication to manage behavior problems.
  • articulate your concerns without telling your kids what to do.
  • help kids develop and learn how to access strategies that work for them.
  • raise a critical thinkers.
  • navigate change.
  • leave your child free to move, think, and change without judgement.


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